Team Leaders

RarePlay is made-up of a diverse team of individuals – each contributing his/her own unique set of skills to the company and the projects taken on. We are devoted to delivering consistent, reliable results and are proud to stand behind one another and our work.  RarePlay's team leaders maintain project standards and guide the development teams through RarePlay's process for successful project implementation and deployment every time.

Niraj brings years of first hand IT experience to the RarePlay team and specializes in the development of Web 2.0 applications and open-source technologies utilizing an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) approach. He has worked on dozens of projects spanning a variety of industries, including retail and communications.

Niraj combines his engineering know-how with his excellent communication skills to work closely with clients on every project. He has served as project leader, technical leader and client relations manager on a number of tasks.

In addition to custom application development and maintenance, Niraj has experience building e-Commerce, e-Marketing and Content Management Systems (CMS) solutions.

Niraj has extensive experience engineering systems that employ web services to integrate application features from distributed sources and that utilize web-based collaborative filtering tools.

Niraj has working knowledge in Operating Systems (OS) development, Database Management Systems (DMS), Internet Enterprise Design & Robotics, and Computer Security.

Lisa’s educational background has provided her with the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective and productive member of the RarePlay team. Having completed her studies abroad, Lisa holds a Bachelor degree in Computing, Higher Diploma in Business Information Technology (Software Engineering), and a Diploma in Computing and Information Technology.

Lisa has applied requirements management principles to all stages of product development – investigation, feasibility, design, construction and testing, and release. She has experience working with multiple systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software Quality Assurance (SQA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Change Management (CM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Lisa also has experience in website and User Interface (UI) design.

Lisa’s professional work experience covers the entire field of requirements management – addressing user, business, technical, and functional requirements relating to relevant projects. Prior to joining the RarePlay team Lisa work firmly in the logistics industry servicing international brands such as FedEx.

Oat has been working in systems for over 6 years. He holds both a diploma and Bachelor degree in electrical engineering. In addition to these studies, Oat has continued to enrich his knowledge through numerous trainings and certifications – including Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Sun Solaris, and HP.

Prior to joining our team Oat was a System Specialist/Engineer spanning a number of industries including hospitality, telecommunications and securities. Oat has provided support for numerous systems management systems. He also has experience setting up operating systems, implementing network monitoring systems and maintaining/supporting software & hardware for Client/Server applications for intelligent networks.

Oat’s multidimensional portfolio of work experiences exhibits his flexibility and versatility in system administration.

Aey has a strong educational background and professional expertise in the field of technology. He holds a Masters in Technology from the Queensland University of Technology and has solid work experience developing software for the healthcare industry.

Aey has extensive work experience in development projects concentrating in both the healthcare and service industries. He has developed medical diagnostic systems for hospitals, including the development of an entire system comprising of registration, nurse, doctor, pharmaceutical, finance, administration and x-ray systems. Aey has also developed extract and save functions, document collection systems utilizing a high speed scanner, and a guide data generator based on the requirements defined by their respective client.

Additionally, Aey has distinguished himself as an apt researcher in the field of machine learning. He possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of Machine Learning and its potential impact on the areas of Text Mining, Data Mining, Image Processing, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Chuk has designed and engineered software for clients in a number of industries – including healthcare, sporting goods and computing & technology. Additionally, he has years of experience providing technical and maintenance support for problems stemming from hardware issues.

Chuk’s expertise lies in his understanding and application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. He has engineered applications featuring machine learning technologies backed by Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques which result in intelligent systems that tap into unstructured content as well as an increasingly personalized user experience.

Chuk holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and a Master Degree in Information Technology.