RarePlay builds high performance, highly scalable, open standards web solutions. Our solutions include applications for internet (public), intranet (private) and extranet (selected access) communication and collaboration.

We integrate business strategy, technology, and creative design services to produce high-quality web solutions based on client requirements. RarePlay structures each project to reduce time, cost, and risk while maintaining the integrity and high standards of our client’s brand and ours.

Our engineering reflects the following standards unique to RarePlay advanced solutions:

RarePlay Approach

The RarePlay approach for managing client engagements integrates business strategy, technology and creative design services. The process is a comprehensive method of translating our clients' business goals into high-quality solutions. It emphasizes an iterative development cycle with multiple incremental releases to incorporate user feedback and to keep pace with the Internet's ongoing technological changes.

We structure projects with guidelines that ensure high-quality deliverables and reduce time, cost, and risk. This approach is geared toward minimizing the risk of technical or competitive obsolescence faced by companies using the Internet.

Robust Architecture

We design our applications for performance, scalability, and reliability. Our projects have a fundamental requirement of serving many thousands of users per day with virtually instantaneous transactions. Our team of system administrators, technical architects and software engineers are experienced in assembling hardware and software solutions that meet performance requirements within budgetary constraints. Where mission-critical considerations demand, we design systems with redundant, fault-tolerant components to virtually guarantee 100% uptime. Our teams have extensive experience in performance testing and tuning to insure that architecture designs on paper translate to performance in production.

RarePlay solutions are designed as building blocks for future expansion. The net result of our architecture design is that our customers are able to deploy scalable enterprise solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Maximum Utilization of Bandwidth and Data Storage

Designing information systems for the web requires special understanding and attention to current data communication limitations. While web users in the USA are rapidly moving to higher speed connection, large percentages are still connecting over slow telephone links. Internationally the situation is similar with even more dependence on slower, narrow-band connections. RarePlay is experienced at maximizing available bandwidth to deliver the richest and most effective user experience.

While data storage costs have dropped considerably over the past few years, considerable attention must still be paid to the efficiency of information storage. This is especially so where systems are expected to serve a large number of visitors or provide access to extensive information resources. RarePlay teams have built systems with data storage requirements numbering millions of records, balancing efficiency of data storage with performance of data retrieval. Efficient data normalization techniques insure that applications are fast, efficient and easy to maintain.

Open Standards

Our systems provide the maximum level of reliability and openness using standard off-the-shelf software and hardware tools. We deliver best-of-breed configurations, including the latest in high availability solutions using state-of-the-art Windows, Unix and Linux servers.

Because open system components are used in our development, standard database and operating system tools can be used to manage the applications. You will not be locked into limited, proprietary toolsets, vendors or platforms.

RarePlay has teams experienced in a wide range of technologies including Java/JSP, Object-Oriented Perl, Microsoft .Net, Cold-fusion; and Oracle/MS SQL/MySQL Databases. In addition our teams are experienced in extending the useful lifespan of legacy systems through the integration of more agile toolsets and architectures.

Comprehensive Documentation

We generate a comprehensive blueprint for our development which fully documents the final system. This includes a thoroughly detailed database schema so customers can extend the data model as necessary or integrate the solution with other future systems.

Engineering Excellence

Rareplay is committed to engineering excellence. We deliver components designed, built and tested to achieve the highest possible performance and interoperability standards. Our teams understand and take considerable pride in the fact that our solutions are deployed in mission-critical situations which demand 24 by 7 by 365 performances. Our commitment to engineering excellence insures that we consistently satisfy client needs.

Advanced Security Infrastructure

From the most public internet applications to the most sensitive intranet systems, all RarePlay projects feature customized designs to manage information security.

Our architecture for security includes four distinct components: 1) authentication; 2) authorization; 3) audit trails and 4) encryption. Together these components deliver application security that exceeds the requirements of all industries.