RarePlay Information Lifestyle Platform

RarePlay’s Information Lifestyle Platform (ILP) was developed because, today, lifestyle trends are determining the direction of the Web.

Applications built on our Information Lifestyle Platform anticipate and accommodate the needs of evolving digital lifestyles - enabling our clients to deliver media experiences wherever and whenever their audience wants them.

Components of ILP applications are defined in the Eight Verves (V8) of the Information Lifestyle Platform.

Verve Integration

Lifestyle Application Mobility

ILP’s Verve Integration enables the fluid utilization and consumption of one media to the next as users’ lifestyles keep them in continuous motion.

ILP applications deliver a 360 degree multimedia experience that goes with people as they move between web sites, emails, ipods, IMs, PDAs, etc.

ILP's Verve Integration enables the convergence of:

  • Browsers
  • Email
  • RSS Readers
  • Text and Instant Messaging
  • Mobile Phone Text Messaging
  • PDAs and Cell Phone Browsers
  • Video
  • iPods/mPeg Players

Verve Integration connects digital lifestyles.

Verve Interaction

Real-Time Communication

ILP’s Verve Interaction enables people to communicate and collaborate with one another, real-time, for work or leisure regardless of their location.

Verve Interaction liberates users from reliance on old-style communication methods that are limited due to time and location barriers.

Verve Interaction makes possible:

  • Real time collaboration
    • Video/voice conference
    • Joint content files
    • Interactive review and editing
  • Cross-medium communication
    • Voice chat (between PCs/Laptops, PDA’s, Mobile Phones, Game Systems, etc.)
    • Live chat rooms
    • Text and Instant Messaging
    • Email
  • Collaborative game play
    • Connects players in multiple locations (audio and visual)

Verve Interaction connects people when it matters most.

Community Verve

Building Trusted Networks in Global Communities

ILP’s Community Verve provides people with the necessary tools to develop safe, trusted social networks. These networks may consist of friends, family, co-workers, business contacts, or merely select individuals that the user feels comfortable including in his/her respective community.

Community Verve enables people to build environments where they have control over their social networks. ILP empowers users with the ability to manage access to their online personal spaces and dictate the information available to others in the global communities. ILP communities are safe and familiar.

ILP’s Community Verve facilitates:

  • Interaction Management (ability to define a Degree of Separation within networks based on depth of relationships – i.e. friend, friend of friend, etc.)
  • Private Group Tools
    • Define group theme (sky diving, book club, Angelina Jolie fans, etc.)
    • Manage membership (invite, revoke, etc.)
    • Manage content (set content guidelines and monitor accordingly)
  • Membership Invitation
  • People Search
    • People you know (friends, classmates, old crush)
    • People with similar interests (dog washing, glass blowing, etc.)
    • People from a certain area (Manhattan; Cape Town, South Africa, etc.)
  • Reputation Assessment (Member peer-evaluation)

Community Verve makes safe neighborhoods in global communities possible.

Verve Information Management

Managing Information Overload

ILP’s Verve Information Management takes the vast amount of information available over the web and converts it into something that has tangible value. The amount of information available is increasing far more quickly than our ability to process it. Verve Information Management employs the technologies that help us sift through all online information to find that which is most valuable to us.

ILP’s Verve Information Management provides:

  • Collaborative Filtering
  • Tagging/Tag Clouds
  • Search/Advanced Search
  • Favorites – delivers results that are based on other’s user ratings
  • Recommender Engines – deliver educated recommendations based on user defined attributes for films, music, movies, restaurants, hotels, websites, etc.

Verve Information Management reduces the clutter and filters out the valuable information.

Verve Intelligence

Wisdom of Crowds: Tapping into the Intelligence of the Web

ILP’s Verve Intelligence exploits the “wisdom of crowds” by utilizing the web as resource of untapped human intelligence.

Verve Intelligence captures and provides unmatched crowd sentiment and viable information through interpreting and distilling people’s thoughts, opinions, and attitudes in relation to a particular subject.

A number of methods, including machine learning and our inSitesEngine platform, are employed to scour the 8 billion plus pages on the web. Past and present human intellect reflecting people’s thoughts, concerns, emotions and visions that are relevant to our client’s brands and objectives are captured and interpreted into tangible insight.

ILP’s Verve Intelligence delivers:

  • Buzz metrics – measures WHO’s talking and WHAT they are saying about anything and everything (brands, movies, destinations
  • Intuitive link/page referral
  • Real-time smart content display based on user activity (i.e. user is in a chat room discussing shopping in NYC – information will update in a sidebar/window relevant to NYC shopping)

Verve Intelligence captures the intelligence of the web.

Verve Applications

Rich Interfaces with Desktop Functionality

ILP’s Verve Applications combine functionality, convenience and ease of use to more fully address the needs of the users.

ILP enhances the User Interface (UI) by utilizing tools like AJAX to add increased application functionality and improve the overall user experience. Verve Applications invigorate users through increased user participation and usability while, simultaneously, maintaining the business objectives set by our clients.

ILP’s Verve Applications embrace the functionality of Web 2.0 and provide users with a more interactive, functional experience with:

  • On page text editing capabilities
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Drop and drag features
  • Collapse and expand menus
  • Navigation tabs
  • Auto-complete
  • Object rating

Verve Applications capture the essence of the digital lifestyle – flexible, functional and fun.

The Verve of People Power


User generated content = the Verve of People Power.

ILP’s Verve of People Power gives users the control over the content they inevitably will consume.

The Verve of People Power empowers people to develop and contribute their content.

ILP’s Verve of People Power enables:

  • Communication forums
    • Blogs
    • Vlogs
    • Podcasts
    • Message Boards
  • RSS subscriptions/feeds
  • Wikis (real time text creation/editing)
  • Tagging
  • File Sharing
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Images
  • User comments
  • Rating and recommendation systems
  • Content management
  • Collaboration tools
    • Calendars
    • Shared links
    • Bookmarks
    • Web Conference>
  • Advanced Customized Search
    • Web
    • Blogs/Vlogs/Podcasts
    • News Sources
    • Social Networks

The Verve of People Power realizes the potential of the web by enabling the contribution and utilization of user generated content.

Freedom Verve

Open Standards

ILP’s Freedom Verve symbolizes our commitment to eliminating confines that hinder people’s ability to live free, limitless digital lifestyles.

The Freedom Verve combines Open Standards with flexible APIs – maximizing application functionality and availability. Limitations resulting from different hardware and software components are eliminated and both vendors and users are able to capitalize on their media experiences.

ILP’s Freedom Verve provides:

  • Open Standards
    • Maximize compatibility between different software and hardware
    • Enhance accessibility
    • Reduce overall development cost for clients
  • APIs
    • Share information with users/developers
    • Enable the creation of Mashups (merging of APIs to create fun new applications features – Google maps has many)

The Freedom Verve increases compatibility among the lifestyle technologies.