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More than ever, you need to maximize how far your budgets for web engineering and digital marketing go.

Our teams of talented and creative nerds are available on-demand for any level of web work:

  • make a quick, one-hour, content fix to your current web site
  • design Flash banners, games, or gadgets to drive visitor traffic to your site
  • build a new branded social media site to allow your customers to share video, photos and user stories
  • or launch an integrated online marketing campaign across all social media including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter using RarePlay's Brandcastir/Storycastir platform   
We can instantly scale your project from one nerd to a team of twenty or more artists, engineers, and testers to meet even the most unreasonable deadlines, outrageous requirements and unbelievably tight budgets.

Our flat rate of $19 per hour means you can pull experts from any and all of our creative and technology teams—and only pay for what your project requires.

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we make your brand cool online

RarePlay > Nerds-On-Demand > Portfolio

RarePlay > Nerds-On-Demand > Portfolio

RarePlay > Nerds-On-Demand > Portfolio

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Ron Knowlton
Chief Nerd
North America: +1.877.244.6577   
Europe: +44.020.7096.0399 
Asia: +662.661.8031
Skype: rknowlton

Ron Knowlton

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01.01.2009 10:48 am

Click, Print And Save – Coupons Make Their Way Online

According to the Promotion Marketing Association, the use of online coupons is rising rapidly, by more than 50% a year.

12.30.2008 6:14 pm

Building Your Brand’s Reputation Online

With today’s user-generated Web of blogs, comments, reviews and ratings, consumers can quickly voice their opinions/feedback online - both good and bad. Online feedback is valuable and leaving negative comments untended will only cost your company/brands lost sales.

06.17.2008 9:02 am

The Virtual Workforce Generation

With today’s modern technology of laptops, smartphones/PDAs, broadband/Wi-Fi Internet access and advances in communication technologies, it is estimated that there are about 50 million 'mobile workers' in the US who either have no desk or spend more than 25% of their time outside the office.

05.23.2008 10:18 am

Mobile Web Gains Momentum

Rareplay recently conducted a research on 'Mobile Web Presence Survey 2008' of Top 1000 U.S. brands and found that mobile web adoption has increased by approximately 75% from a similar findings done last year.


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